What a great event!!!!!!

Over 100 Lutz Prep family members joined together tonight to support those injured in Boston last Monday and Ms Mitchelson.boston run 024

The event was a fun run organized by the Wesley Chapel FitNitche.  The run was free.  A nice T-Shirt was a $20 donation to the injured families.  I’ll post better pictures when I can.  Not all families are in this picture.  It was not easy to get everyone in one place with another several hundred people there for the event.

There was a lot of love there and everyone cheered Ms. Mitchelson.  That lady is fast.

Thanks to Ms McLeod for organizing this.  Thanks to Ms Kline and Ms Cataldo for running and cheering on their kids.  Lutz Prep is a special group of teachers and families.  This was a very, very special evening.



Event Monday Night

Greetings, Lutz Prep Families-
As you know,  our wonderful second grade teacher, Christina Mitchelson, was at the Boston Marathon last weekend. She was actually at mile 26 when this devastating event occurred. To show our love and support for her and the many people whose lives were affected, lets meet to honor them at the Runners United to Remember event happening this Monday evening at 6:30.  The rally will start at the Wesley Chapel FitNiche at the WireGrass Mall. Before the race, we can have a group photo and present it to Christina next week.  There will be runners and walkers alike, the idea is to gather to honor and remember.
There is no fee to participate, just a waiver to sign.  Meet at 6PM in front of Barnes and Noble on the opposite side of the street.  We can have our Lutz Prep family photo taken.  If you want to buy a shirt that is $20.  All proceeds got to OnefundBoston.org.  Please wear Lutz Prep attire so we can identify each other.  Walkers and runners, adults and children are welcome.  The run proceeds down the street between FitNiche and Barnes and Noble and will proceed north.
Every race has a story. To unite as a Lutz Prep family and join others in our community and nation can help make this a little happier ending. Spread the word.

Heading Back to Tampa

The DC trip has ended for my wife and me.  Most of the families leave later today and some stay until tomorrow.    Museums seem to be on today’s agenda.

As we ate breakfast today everyone kept talking about how special last night was.  One parent said, “I brought my son and thought this was for him, but when I got to The Wall and saw our students read I realized this event was just as much for adults as children.”

This was a special day and as usual our Lutz Prep kids made a special impact on those around them.

One very special moment to me was the reading of names by Cade Hampton.  His dad is currently serving in Afghanistan.  His family is painfully aware of the sacrifices families make for our country.  Cade very confidently walked to the podium, spoke clearly and with pride.

I can’t wait to celebrate with Cade, his mom Dawn and the entire family when their dad arrives home.

I’m sure Cade and all of his fellow classmates will be telling the school of their experiences this weekend and wearing their Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund pins and wristbands in school.

Carolyn, Laura, my wife and I were the proud leaders of our students and parents.

Everyone wants to know when and where the next LP trip will be.  It will be another opportunity for the world to get to meet our great students.

The Reading of the Names

Here’s a photo of our parents and students in DC to Read the Names at The Wall.  What a proud moment for all of us to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War.

So many veterans walked up to me and complimented on our students maturity and professional approach to such a solemn occasion.

Our first reader was my favorite.  Lawson McLeod read his 30 names and did a great job.  I did not personally read our lists.  Ms McLeod handed them out.  It was a very emotional surprise to hear Lawson read the name of Jessie Saunders, my best friend who died in VN.  I helped put him on the Medi-Vac helicopter.  We were together 24 hours a day until he died about six  months into my tour.  Life is full of surprises.  Jessie was a great kid only 18 years old.

Here’s the students, Ms McLeod and Ms O plus my wife and I.  Lutz Prep has impressed people again.  This time in Washington, DC.

Special Kids

Some of you know my wife is spending time trying to establish the Lutz Prep and Pre-Prep School Clinic.  Every day she comes home with stories of how special the school and its students are.

Today she was in the office and a boy came in saying he had a headache.  Before she treats any student my wife calls the parents.  This boy’s mom asked how bad his headache was.  His response was, “I feel like I was hit in the head by a meteorite.”

The little boy went on to entertain my wife with conversation.  My wife said its hard to believe this boys vocabulary which included adverbs and adjectives you might only expect to hear in college classrooms.  She was also wondering at the time if the boy remembered he had a headache.

All in a days work at the new LP School Clinic.

Parents – we need your help

When most people think of Lutz Prep they think of long “Wait Lists”, the lottery and a very difficult time getting into the school.  Well, here’s the chance for you to help us.  Our 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes need a few students.  The Wait Lists have disappeared in those grades.

Our 5th and 6th grade are unique.  We realize that it’s hard to leave 5th grade and start at a new school, but now is the time to get into our 5th and 6th grades.  How many schools have just three 5th grade classes and two 6th grade classes?

Parents, tell your friends.

Weather Closings

Thanks so much for all the great compliments to our teachers. Education is nothing more than the relationship between one child and one teacher expanded to fit the needs of an entire class.

The Lutz Prep Facebook account is full a positive vibes today.

Please keep in mind with the storm approaching that Lutz Prep will be closed if SDHC closes due to weather.  We reserve the right to make our own decisions, but for sure if SDHC sees a need to close for student safety we will also close.  As of this writing it looks like we will be pounded by severe rain and some winds on Monday.  Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks to our Lutz Prep Families

Our first week is complete.  We had a few bumps and bruises.  We are fixing mistakes and working tirelessly daily to meet you expectations of Lutz Prep as a very special place.

We recognize we have a few specific areas of weakness.  The pick-up line is improving every day as would be expected.  More extensive changes are being explored.  We have one report back already from an engineer that suggests possible changes.   We will take our time to be sure any extensive changes are well thought out.

More than a few parents emailed me saying they are so happy with their child’s teacher and classroom.  A couple parents said they attended the Board meeting Thursday, but did not see a need to speak because they are so happy.  One of these parents suggested we start putting the parent compliments on the web site for all to see, even those outside of our Lutz Prep family.  I plan to do that, but will seek their permission first.

I’ve walked the classrooms on two of our four first days.  I did not see every class.  Some were in specials or lunch.  I can say without question that the educational experience our children and grandchildren are getting is superior.  I am so proud of our teachers and students.  Work is being done now that many schools take months to get around to.  I know.  My job at UCF includes being in lots of K-12 classrooms.

We now have an A.  We earned it and honestly scored significantly higher than anyone expected.  We opened some eyes to our academic excellence.  I expect that score to be blown away this spring.

We are special and I hope to post parent comments to show that soon.